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Communication is widely considered as a fundamental lever to make itself known, to increase visibility and notoriety, and eventually increase its turnover. It is indeed a pillar of the corporate strategy. On the other hand, it is advisable to deploy a communication strategy adapted to the level of the expectations and the needs of his company. Artisans and tradesmen are constantly being asked to put in place means of communication that are not necessarily adapted. However, it seems that whatever the means used, the pre-requisite remains a neat reputation: build the most beautiful website, distribute the most impactful flyers, be broadcast in the most listened to radio … If your customer reviews do not reflect the quality of your work, or worse, if you have a majority of negative opinions or no opinion at all, you run to disaster!

Stop the communication: heal your e-reputation first!

Two figures seem to be unavoidable when it comes to considering the weight of customer opinions in decision-making by consumers today: first, 75% of French people choose, first and foremost, companies that have an opinion (source: Opinion Way). This gives a clear idea of the amount of turnover that we lose when we do not work on our customer reviews, and that we do not have any. For example, it is also known that 92% of people read reviews before using a local business (source: Bright Local). The customer reviews confer a clear advantage in terms of visibility and greatly increase the chances of being chosen by a customer.