Guest Suite collects customer reviews according to the AFNOR Standard

AFNOR is a french national standardization: you probably know the famous "ISO" standards? In short, AFNOR is their French version. The challenge of the famous AFNOR NF Z74-501 standard is simple: put in place a voluntary national standard to surround the concept of customer reviews posted online, and thus fight against the proliferation of false opinions.

And guess what? Vinivi, the e-reputation specialist that Guest Suite acquired in 2016, is behind this standard! In this, Guest Suite arises as a true forerunner, guaranteeing the unfailing reliability of the customer reviews collected.

Real reviews, real customer experiences

Our opinions are collected in partnership with the establishments, directly during the purchase experience, or after, via a satisfaction survey. If so many opinions are false on the internet, it is because they can be posted from anywhere, allowing anyone to write an opinion even if he was never present in the establishment !

Moderation in the rules of the art

All our opinions are read by humans, we have great vigilance against fraud.

We have put in place a series of internal procedures to handle notices in the best possible conditions. The only cases of cancellation of reviews are: the presence of insults, defamatory remarks or personal details.

Once our opinions have been collected then moderated they are disseminated on third party sites as well as on the website of the establishment.

Each review is unique and you will never find two identical Guest Suite reviews about the same business on different platforms.